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Web & Digital

Going web-wide with digital and interactive media


Digital design is not just about the graphics - it is also about the functionality.

That is why Sonar provides a complete digital package which combines stunning graphics with specialist advice on engaging with customers across new and existing digital media.

For email marketing, that means making sure that the message is clear, effective and clickable. Whilst for social media its about ensuring your presence is engaging your audience. Your multi-media tools, such as touch-screens are designed to encourage users to interact and exchange information at the touch of a digital button.

Of course, Sonar design and build web-sites. But our web team also constantly monitors new web-design techniques and trends, and the latest desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet technologies to help our clients to reach the vast web-based and geo-enabled audience. Sonar also offers advice on content management and search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as providing web hosting and maintenance.

Our skills also include digital and online advertising as well as converting catalogues, datasheets and other corporate or sales literature into interactive or digital documents.

These specialist services mean that Sonar helps clients to manage their brand in the digital domain.

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