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Graphic design for brand, print, digital and events

Of course we are creative, but we never lose sight of the client’s brand values or campaign objectives. So, whilst our designs may be stunning, each will have been built on a solid foundation of research.

Our starting-point for each new design is a comprehensive understanding of the client’s brand values, brand strategy, target markets, competitors and project metrics. It is only by thoroughly understanding these that we can work with the client to launch, invigorate or evolve a brand.

As many of Sonar’s projects are rolled out across multiple media formats and geographies, detailed planning and analysis are also vital. These ensure that each stage of a project is delivered to the agreed timescale and budget, and that it achieves its core objectives.

To ensure that each project is delivered as planned, Sonar’s creative team includes specialists in brand development, graphic design for print, website design, digital media, event and exhibition graphics and other large format print.

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To see how Sonar’s specialist design skills could work for your next project, or your brand, call us on 01327 304056 or email us at: info@sonardesign.co.uk